Thanksgiving and the days surrounding it mean busier roadways across the country. Federal transportation agencies say there are hundreds of deadly auto accidents during this holiday period every year. Many more accidents cause severe injury. Various factors combine to create the higher risk of a crash during Thanksgiving, such as:

  • More vehicles on the road
  • Winter driving conditions in some parts of the country
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving


So what can you do to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible? Consider these tips for preventing a crash:

  • Always wear a seatbelt and insist that everyone in the vehicle wear a seatbelt
  • Cover all the bases of basic vehicle maintenance: working wiper blades, working battery, properly inflated tires, full fluid reservoirs, working lights and a tire-changing kit
  • Never drive distracted. Put your phone away while you drive, or make sure you have a passenger who can make navigation adjustments on your phone for you
  • If you plan to go to any holiday gatherings and there’s a chance you may be enjoying alcoholic beverages, then make sure you also plan for how you will get home safely
  • Leave plenty of time for travel – busier roads and possibly wintry driving conditions can make rushed driving very dangerous
  • Don’t speed or drive buzzed


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